Coordinate My Care

coordinate my care

As a patient you may well have views about your future care: what you would like to happen, where you want to receive care, and even things you would like to avoid.

Coordinate My Care (CMC) is an NHS service that can help you record your views and wishes within an electronic personalised urgent care plan.

This care plan can be seen by doctors, nurses, people providing you with social care and emergency services to help them understand the choices you have made about your care. Emergency services include Ambulance Service, NHS 111 telephone service, and the Out Of Hours GP service.

Do you need my permission?

Yes. You will only join the CMC service and have a CMC plan once you have given your consent. If a person has lost the ability to make their own choices, a decision can be made in their best interest by a doctor or nurse - after discussion, where possible, with the person’s family and carers. CMC plans can also be created for children and young people after appropriate discussions have been had with them and their families, and they or a parent or legal guardian consents.

Who will see my CMC record?

Only health and social care professionals and limited administrative staff helping them, emergency services, and Out of Hours health services can see your CMC plan.

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coordinate my care


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